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Korea Surprise Snack Box

Looking for the perfect snacks to supplement your k-drama nights? Kickback with our Korea Surprise Snack Box to accompany you through those chill nights.

Taiwan Surprise Snack Box

Snag the best of Taiwan in a box! Featuring some of the hottest Taiwanese snacks, you will be left with a happy belly full your favourite treats!

China Surprise Snack Box

Sate your craving for savoury snacks with our China Surprise Box! These snacks will definitely whet your appetite with the hints of salty, sour, and spicy notes!

Shop by Travel Recommends Surprise Snack Boxes

Grab specially customized thematic boxes from your favourite countries! Hailing from Taiwan, Korea and Japan, these snack boxes will definitely transport your taste buds back to your favourite destinations.

Enjoy an array of the best-selling products across various countries that will leave you with a happy-tummy experience like no other!

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